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Globally seasoned Los Angeles based photographer and acclaimed twin model Tefa Felicci focuses on a unique array of life-style, brand and fashion photography. Tefa’s art exudes the natural beauty and vibrant essences of life no matter the subject she is shooting. 


Tefa’s skill set includes location scouting, set design, staging, lighting and styling, for creating the perfect vibe for masterful imagery. Her shooting technique captures the zenful moments along with the soulful expressions that only manual-mode photography can capture. Her free-flowing, relaxed and playful style results in breathtaking photography that truly harnesses the essence of each and every shoot. 


Tefa’s warm connection with her clients and commitment to her projects is inspirational. She is both highly discerning and selective when choosing projects, allowing her to draw the spirit and purpose of the person, product or event. Combined with her positive attitude and refreshing sense of humor, Tefa Felicci is a true delight to work with.


Phone: 1.808.353.1658


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